PassLocker 2.2, Password Manager and Form Filler

PassLocker is a complete password manager helping you to manage and safely store your passwords and personal data. It makes easier to access your websites, email, standalone applications, bank accounts, instant messengers etc. You can easily store all your passwords and encrypt them in a secure way. The program is also a password generator (full random/mnemonic  passwords), calculates their strengths and permits you to select quickly usernames, keys and put them in your favorite applications. You can do automatic backups of your password database and generate hardware PassKey files. By a PassKey you can make access to PassLocker repository by a file that can be hardware dependent (to use with USB flash drives or other removable devices). You can also Import/Export the repository from/to several file types (txt,csv,xml). PassLocker is one of most secure password managers because it has many features that prevent unwanted stealing of your personal data. PassLocker Free edition is totally FREE: it is certainly one of the most complete and secure freeware password managers .

Plus Edition, other than these features, includes a web Form Filler to catch and fill-in automatically your web login accounts,  USB flash drive portability and the AES support making it a very complete password manager: the "non plus ultra" of security.

PassLocker is totally CLEAN from spyware and malware, it   doesn' t spy  and NEVER reveal your personal data to anyone, except you!


+ Free edition

Strong Security:

GUI user friendly:


Functions of Import/Export:

Automatic Backups:



+ PLUS edition

  • Internet Explorer Form Filler: catch and fill automatically web login forms: access to your accounts with a single mouse click and reduce phishing attack risks.
  • USB Memories portability: carry program and repository with you without need to install PassLocker on computers.
  • AES Encryption: Advanced Encryption Standard, the new standard encryption algorithm in USA, with 256 bit keys.



PassLocker is an efficient utility that will manage, store and remember all your vital passwords. ( Editor's rating)



PassLocker it's a really fully developed and complete password manager.

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